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Alice B - Vi The Cleaner

and new Drag King character Sweet Fanny Addams

Vi the Cleaner squirts  Michael Douglas

Do you think Will Smith can see me?

Vi sat on Chris Evan’s couch and took a sip of Gin. “I love you” she said. “That’s just the Gin talking” he said. “NO Chris, I’m speaking TO the Gin!”.

Vi trying to lift Mohammed Al Fayed’s wallet.

When Vi met Sly

“Boris, may I tickle your fancy?”

“May I dust your balls (tennis)?”

Thumbs up Angela!

I know you are Morgan Freeman, but I gotta check my lippy!

Just dusting your desk, Sir!

Bit of slap and tickle, Patrick?

Nothing to say, it’s fricking Tom Cruise!!!

The seat of power in my hands!

I didn’t know he was there, think he liked my feather duster. He probably thought I was a nutter from Britain’s Got Talent!

Quick! Take a picture before securitydrags me away!

Vi meets Marilyn Manson

O2 London after show Dec 2012