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Alice B - Vi The Cleaner

and new Drag King character Sweet Fanny Addams

Vi The Cleaner Facts

Cleans toilets, eats biscuits and drinks Gin from a flask, often all at the same time, also known for telling naughty stories on stage

Skin: Slightly rosy after a glass of Gin

Hair: Black

Eyes : Green (red after a few Gins)

Favourite Card Game: Gin Rummy

Half of Malicecomedy Double Act

Hello My Little Scrubbers !

Now pour yourselves a nice Gin & Tonic, or whatever beverage you have in your fridge, get a couple of Bourbon biscuits out of the emergency biscuit tin and sit down and have a little journey around Vi The Cleaner’s Website.

I would love to tickle your fancy with my feather duster and Gin related quips on twitter !

Cheers Little Scrubbers

Lots of luv

Vi xxx :-)